Mexico – Fourth stop – Playa Del Carmen


The ride from Tulum to Playa del Carmen with the ADO bus took about 2 hours. We bought the tickets at the ADO station for 80 peso (~ 10 USD) in the morning. Once arrived in Playa del Carmen we had to reach our hotel. The Taxis, which waited directly outside the ADO bus station, were overpriced. That’s why we walked a little bit away from there and payed half of the price what the other taxi drivers wanted. The Taxi cost 25 peso per person (~ 3 USD) to our hotel, which wasn’t that far but we didn’t want to walk till there with our backpacks.


In Playa del Carmen we were very lucky with our hotels. Due to a mistake we made, we had to book two hotels there. At our first one, we stayed two days. It’s called “Hotel Blue Condo”.  There where two big outdoor pools, one on the roof terrace with a beautiful view and another one on the ground floor. Furthermore, there was a smaller roofed one at the 4th floor. The room was very clean and big enough for both of us. We had a refrigerator, air conditioner and a nice bathroom. Even if the hotel wasn’t far from the beach, we didn’t go there, because unfortunately this side of the beach was full of seaweed. Blue Condo was one of my favorite hotels during our journey.

Our second hotel was the “Hotel Maya Vacanze”. We stayed two days and three nights there. The owner was very nice. He took our baggage upstairs and showed us everything. The room was clean and the bathroom looked fine. Even if we never stepped inside the small outside pool, on the ground floor, it seemed okay. My highlight was the beautiful, cute kitten living there. I wish I could have taken her on the road with us.


Tips, Trips and Temperature

Playa Del Carmen was our last stop before we went back to Cancun again for just two days. From there we have flown to Cuba. Therefore, we realized that we wouldn’t have enough time left in Mexico and we couldn’t visit all the places we wanted to anymore – classic me. Now we had to choose between the island Holbox, Las Coloradas with the pink sandy beach, Bacalar, the island Cozumel and Cenote Azul. Unfortunately, the connection between Holbox, Las Coloradas as well as Bacalar and Playa del Carmen wasn’t that good. The journey until there would take too long so that it wouldn’t be worth it as a day trip. Besides, it would simply be too expensive to get there. Therefore, we had no other choice than choosing to visit Cozumel and the Cenote Azul. Holbox and Bacalar are such paradisaical places. I have to visit them one day.

Once we decided, that our first trip would be Cozumel, we were looking for an offer how to get there and which activities we could do. Outside the ADO station was a stand where we could buy ferry tickets and diving excursions. There was an offer, which included a moped, but I was too afraid driving it so we just booked the diving trip. Cozumel looked very colorful and clean. The houses glowed in different colors and there were horse-drawn carriages, they looked very cool. Moreover you had the possibility to visit a delphinium. Nevertheless, if I could choose now, I would probably choose another destination, because Cozumel wasn’t that spectacular for me. Anyway, we enjoyed our day there.

blue water Cozumel Water

The day after we met some friends and spent time together. We bought us food at the supermarket, as always. On the way to the beach, we even discovered a German bakery. Of course, we all bought us our favorite pastry there. The seaside wasn’t that beautiful, as I already mentioned, but we enjoyed it anyways.

Brezel Gebäck Gettho

On our last day we wanted to visit the big Cenote Azul. We asked a few people how to get there and they told us there is a shuttle, which will also stop at the Cenote we wanted to go. The Shuttle cost about 4 USD (there and back) and the entrance 6 USD. I just can highly recommend visiting this Cenote. It was my favorite trip so far. Till than the weather wasn’t that good during our stay in Playa Del Carmen, but on this day we were lucky.

ca Cenote
Cenote Azul Azul fische

Even if Playa Del Carmen seemed a little bit like the “ghetto” city of our whole trip, the seaside wasn’t so beautiful, and the weather was just okay, I would definitely keep this stop in our journey.  I Don’t know why, but I really liked it there.




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