Mexico – Third stop – Tulum


After the stay on the beautiful island Isla Mujeres our next stop was Tulum. We had to catch the ferry (9 USD) to Cancun and from there we took the Bus (7 USD) from the ADO station. We already had the ferry Tickets, because we bought a two-way ticket to Isla Mujeres. Later we realized that we also could have bought ferry tickets directly to Tulum. I really love to travel and move from one place to another, but to leave the Island wasn’t so easy for me. Nevertheless, I was excited about what lied ahead in Tulum.

Tulum Mexico.jpg


We booked our hotels before we started our journey and we tried to find hotels not too far from our arrival and for a mediocre price. Until now, we were very lucky with our choices, but the hotel we had in Tulum was a disaster for me. Our room had just a very small window and we didn’t have enough space, so it seemed like a bunker. My pillow smelled like shit and I had to ask for a new one. At night we could hear every tiny noise. The only positive aspect was that we had good Internet in our “bunker”. I will not mention the hotel because I don’t want to damage their reputation. However, I want to offer you an alternative hotel I saw a few meters away from us. It looked so beautiful, I wish we could have cancelled ours and rent a room there. It was named “Elements”.
Of course, it would have been more expensive than our hotel, but it would have been worth it.

Tips, Trips and Temperature

Besides the not so great hotel, Tulum was a wonderful place. Even if we were there out of season, we still had great weather. It was sunny and pleasantly warm everyday so we had the opportunity to visit all the places we wanted.

On our first day, we decided to visit the Mayathan ruins. We downloaded the offline app “maps me” so we could walk there. The way seemed very easy, we just had to walk straight forward and then turn right. No sooner said than done. It was very funny, but we needed 1,5 hours (one-way) and we walked through a forest with a lot of very big puddles. I don’t know if I would do it again. Once arrived we paid 4 USD for the entrance. I have to say, that I ‘m more the water type, everything that has something to do with water fascinates me. The ruins were okay, but not that spectacular for me. As usual, we bought our food at the supermarket to save money and that’s the best thing we could have done. The food and drinks there were absolutely overpriced.

The day after, we decided to lend a bike, it cost around 5 USD per day. Than we choose some Cenotes, we wanted to visit (because there are so many different and amazing ones). I wanted to visit a Cenote for so long, that’s why I was very excited. Before we started our trip, I had to change my money, because sometimes it was more expensive to pay in Dollars than in Peso. In Cancun I could change my money without showing my passport, but there (I guess because it was an official money exchange office) they wanted my personal data. Maybe you are just like me and you never carry your passport with you, so it’s good to know that. It was very easy to go to the Cenotes. We just had to drive straight forward the main road, however it was a little bit dangerous because of the cars. Our first Cenote is called “Cenote Calavera”. We paid 100 Peso (~ 6 USD) entrance. It was very small and I think this Cenote was more for deep diving than just for swimming.

I was a little bit disappointed because I was expecting something more. We ate our breakfast there and then we decided to drive to another one. This decision made my day.

Breakfast yummi
My daily breakfast. #cleaneating #onpoint

The second one is named “Grand Cenote” and it was love at first sight. We paid 180 Peso (~ 10 USD) for the entrance. It’s bigger and much more stunning than the other one. We enjoyed being there, that’s why we decided to stay there and not to visit another one.

On our last day, we wanted to visit the Kaan Luum Laguna. We lend a bike again and we had to drive the same road like the day before. The lagoon was amazing, some of the people there used the mud like a natural peeling for the skin. We tried to arrive as early as possible so there weren’t a lot of visitors there yet.

bike kaan luum peaceful

I can just highly recommend to visit this place.

Coco Tulum
In the evening, we wanted to visit the very famous Coco Tulum hotel, spa and bar.

It’s very expensive there, my drink cost 10 USD but it’s a breath-taking place. We enjoyed our drink sitting on a swing under palm trees, in front of the most beautiful beach I have ever seen until then. The sand was bright and white and the ocean was light blue. I will never forget this moments sitting there and later walking along the beach looking at the moon showing up.


Beach Bar Coco Tulum

beautiful tulum Coco tulum bar swing

To round of our last evening in Tulum, we decided to eat at the restaurant La Eufemia.

I really don’t know what’s going one sometimes in my head but instead of ordering a typical Mexican dish I ordered Pancakes. However, I tried the quesadilla my friend had and I just can recommend this restaurant.

We totally forgot the time and as we wanted to drive back to our hotel, it was already dark outside. Our bikes had no lights and the street wasn’t that illuminated. I don’t know how we made it back without being run over.


tulum beach


8 thoughts on “Mexico – Third stop – Tulum

  1. I love your post…i m in love with Tulum and I always go back there with great pleasure..I was also planing to visit the first cenote that u mentioned but i m glad I didnt. Grand cenote is really beautiful and a much better choice


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