Mexico – Second stop – Isla Mujeres


In Cancun, we informed ourselves about the transfer to Isla Mujeres – the Island of Women. It was very easy, because a bus we took near our hotel just stopped directly next to the port. There we bought tickets (9 USD) for the ship, which took us to the Island in about 30 minutes. Once arrived, we had to go with a taxi to our hotel. Every taxi to the center cost 50 Peso (3 USD).

Beach2.jpg nature

Hotel and Food

When we booked the hotel, we decided to stay in a particular good one, because we wanted to treat ourselves to something. My friend and I paid 231 USD together for three nights. However, if you book much earlier (6 month or more) you will save a lot of money. Now to Casa Cural: The hotel didn’t look that special from the outside, but the inside appearance was very artistically. Our room was very lovely and I especially enjoyed my twin bed. In it, I slept like a baby. We had a big balcony where you could see the most beautiful sunrise. Furthermore, our breakfast there was included, which was very delicious. On the Mexico trip, it was my favorite hotel. On the Island weren’t many supermarkets, but we had luck, we had on 5 minutes form our accommodation. We mostly bought our meals there, like in Cancun. Moreover, as we walked through the Island we discovered a cute restaurant, which was delicious. The name of it was “Gallery – Food & Art”.

Hotel1 Sonnenaufgang Hotel5Food and Art  Food and Art 2

Tips, Trips and Temperature

Some tourists there lent a golf cart to discover the small island but we decided to walk to our destinations even if it took us a long time to get there. First, we visited the turtle farm, which was not so far from our hotel. The entry cost three USD and if you wanted to feed some of the turtles, you could also buy some food. The farm isn’t that big, there was just one room with fishes in aquariums and different turtles in tanks. It wasn’t really worth the visit, I wouldn’t go there again. We also wanted to do a boat trip and visit the underwater museum, but the weather wasn’t so good and the trip was too expensive, 47 USD just for 3 hours. In addition, we read that the museum wasn’t that spectacular. Unfortunately, we didn’t had much luck with the weather for the whole stay on Isla Mujeres. Usually it’s the perfect Island to dive and snorkel. However, we couldn’t go to the water, because of the strong wind and it was raining often. That’s why I recommend to go there after February.  Finally, on our last day, we had a little bit of sunshine. That’s why we could walk to Ixchel, which was located 5 km away from our hotel. There is a viewpoint with Mayan ruins and pieces of various materials. The entry cost three USD but I recommend paying in peso because it was cheaper. The view is amazing it was very worth it.

tortuga turtlefarm Albino (2)    Xchel 4 Ixchel Xchel Liguana

Isla Mujeres was one of the most beautiful stops we made on our journey. I really enjoyed the stay there, even the weather wasn’t that good. If you have the opportunity to visit this Island, do it!

house1 houses Beach3 house2 house Bar



18 thoughts on “Mexico – Second stop – Isla Mujeres

  1. Your trip looked so relaxing and amazing! I liked the hotel decor, it appeared very cozy like staying at family members house. I’m so jealous… I need to retreat to a warm place! Lol. Hope you enjoyed!

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  2. I am wondering why they named it the island of women? Now I’m curious? Was it discovered by women? Was it a high population? Or just a fun name? I love these photos…so bright and colorful! It’s too bad it rained so much but it looks like you had a great stay nonetheless!

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    1. Indeed I found various explication why the Island was called this way. One is: “In Pre-Columbian times the island was sacred to the Maya goddess of childbirth and medicine, Ixchel. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century they named it “Isla Mujeres” because of the many images of goddesses.” (from Wiki) And the other one is: “Isla remained a sanctuary until it was discovered by Francisco Fernández de Córdoba in 1517. Legend has it that the only inhabitants of the island were the priestess of Ixchel and her court of women. […] so the island got its name: Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women. […] It was from the Yucatan that the Spanish transported massive amounts of gold to Europe and the pirates took advantage of the opportunity to blunder the merchant ships. Legend has it that they kept their women here while they went out plundering, another reason Isla is called “The Island of Women”.” (from the website I tagged
      I also was very curious to knowing that, I’m pleased that you asked.


  3. I have visited California last winter and went to a Mexican village in San Diego old town, that is where I learn more about Mexico and have stronger interest to find out more. So going to Mexico will be in my bucket list! Isla Mujeres – the Island of Women. Why not. (I do not they have also cute men in the island! Lol)

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  4. Looks like such a lovely place! You definitely had a lovely view from your room (I die for views haha!). I’ve heard of Isla Mujeres before and would love to go one day!

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  5. What a beautiful place, the sunset looks so dreamy. I have been to Mexico once and already planning my next visit, it is so amazing. I would love to check this place out, the hotel looks great.

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