Mexico – First stop – Cancun

Arrival, Airport and Transfer

After an 18 hours flight, I finally arrived in Cancun and sadly had to realise that there was no free Wi-Fi. I appointed a meeting point with my friend, who already was in Mexico, but we couldn’t find each other so I fell a little bit into panic. However, at the exit from the airport there were a ton of taxi drivers and shuttle services waiting. I was completely overstrained and I just picked up a random shuttle for 12 dollars (way to expensive, but I didn’t knew it better). There are buses, which take you to the centre (down town) for a way lower price (3-4 dollar). What I want to say is, don’t let them fool you.

Hotel Parador

The shuttle service needed one and a half hour to arrive to my hotel, because it had many different stops and of course I was the last hotel stop. I was very pleased with the big and comfortable bed we had in the hotel. The bathroom and the room in general were very clean and spacious. It was one of the few hotels we had, were we had the opportunity to refill water for free. The location of the hotel was good. We had a big supermarket and the ADO bus station directly near us. With the ADO buses, we could easily visit the other places of Yucatan like Tulum and Playa del Carmen. We had a small pool and a little restaurant, where we could have breakfast for little money. There was free Wi-Fi in the hotel, but unfortunately just in the lobby. In addition, if you have bad luck, you get a room closely above the pup, which is playing music all night long.

Tips, Trips and Temperature

The best way to get around the area is to take the public buses. They are very cheap and you can exit where you want. They don’t really have bus stops or rules, they drive around how they want. On our first day we wanted to go to Playa Delfines, unfortunately the weather wasn’t so good. We stayed in Cancun twice, even if it was warm (~ 20 degrees) the weather wasn’t so great, it often was rainy and windy. However, the beach Playa Delfines was beautiful and it seemed so unreal to me because it looked like a picture from a catalogue. The downtown wasn’t that spectacular and we wanted to experience something fun, that’s why we decided to book a trip, even if they are overpriced. The excursion we decided to choose was Xplor. It was like a huge nature park with zip line, river swim, cenote, vehicle drive and a big restaurant. It had a big buffet and the best food I ever had. Even though the trip was expensive (130 dollars), it was worth the experience. We had a lot of fun. Xplor is located near Playa del Carmen so if you have the opportunity to stay there, I recommend you book the trip from there.

Zipline.jpeg Beach.jpgXplor Playa


We didn’t eat out very often, because mostly we went to the supermarket to save some money. As a vegetarian I didn’t had that much variety, for the most part I ate rice with vegetables, the classic. Whenever we got out to eat something the food was very tasty, but also spicy. My favorite restaurant or rather takeaway in Cancun was Las Quekas. The vegetarian Quesadillas were very delicious.

Breakfast food.jpg quesedia.jpeg


16 thoughts on “Mexico – First stop – Cancun

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Cancun, but sadly haven’t had the opportunity yet. Thanks for the heads up about the public bus services Adriana, I’ll remember that if we get the chance to go.

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  2. I have always wanted to visit Mexico as it sounds so exotic country! I have been San Diego last winter and had a little preview experience of little Mexico town there. Simply love it. Being someone who lives in Asia, I don’t have many exposure on Mexico and always wanted to find out more about their culture and food, this article just helps me out with quite a few doubts. I love how you hop on the bus and can stop anywhere you want, it is kind of like a free and easy vibes, not many rules. I love the relax atmosphere!

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  3. It looks so beautiful there, I think I would be ok swapping wifi for a beautiful surrounding! I am glad you had a good time and found things you could eat, when I go on vacation I often use the super markets too, sometimes you find lots of wonders there you can’t get at home!

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  4. Cancun was one of the two shortlisted destinations for my vacation last year, it was a difficult decision but we went to Peurto Vallarta in Mexico and had Cancun in 2018’s list. Great to see your pictures and your experience. I would love to go to Cancun, it is so beautiful.

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  5. I know how it feels when you can’t find your friends in an unfamiliar place. I’ve never visited that place before and reading it is making the travel bug awake….

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