The man lying on the street

I just wanted to share this incident with you, which I will probably never forget…

It happened yesterday evening. We were just about to break into our road,
when I saw a man lying in the middle of the street. My first reaction was to stop the car.
While I got out, I saw some cars just passing away. Another passer (man) stopped too.
This man dragged the injured person to a house wall.
The person had a laceration on his head.
Another passer (woman) came to us.
Both passers couldn’t speak German very well,
so I called the ambulance. A woman took off.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“Hello, we found an injured man on the street, he is in pain and he can’t walk anymore.”

She asked: “How bad is it?”

I thought… How bad is it? He is in pain, he has blood on his head,
he can’t walk anymore and it is cold outside…

I answered: “I guess bad.”

She: “Is he approachable”?

For a second I had that urge to lie. However, I didn’t… I should have.

She asked: “Is an ambulance necessary?”

What? …

I would have like to tell her, that she better gets her ass up here soon.
However, I didn’t. I should have.

I just said: “Yes.”

While I was on the phone, the woman and the man took care of the injured person. Some people from a Chinese Restaurant wanted to help. They brought us some papers
and a bag with ice, while we waited for the ambulance.

(Inside information, nearest clinic was 10 min from there. It was night, no cars on the street.)

15 min later I called again, cause the ambulance didn’t come.
They didn’t pick up the phone.

20 min later, I called again. The man was suffering… I felt very compassion with him.
As I called again, they told me they were on their way.

Almost 30 min later the ambulance came. At this point, I just wanted to say: “Thank you, thank you for nothing. He had could almost be dead. But hey, how bad is it?”
The EMT’s looked like we had disturbed them from their tea party… Oh sorry for that.
I heard one EMT saying to the other… “He is certainly just a homeless person.”

At that moment, I couldn’t respond. I just adopted and went home.

This situation made me angry, that I couldn’t react, that I didn’t do anything,
but what could I say?

What would you have done?

After yesterday, I can’t understand how people could say,
that we live in a very protective and high quality system.

Adriana M.

16 thoughts on “The man lying on the street

  1. I understand how angry and sac you must have been. I don’t understand why ambulance people acted that though. quite the opposite of what i would have expected of them

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  2. I’m so sorry that you had to experience this, I understand that it’s the Christmas period, but our expectation is that emergency services operate as normal… That being said, 9/10 times they do an incredible job and a huge shoutout for those that do work and keep us safe over Christmas~

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


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  3. Wow, this sounds like something out of a movie. So crazy! What a blessing you are to have stopped and tried to help. I wish he would have been taken better care of, regardless of his life situation. He is a human, a person with a beating heart. He deserves to be cared after. The majority of the time, EMT and hospital personnel are hard-working and do a great job keeping people safe and cared for. In this case they failed, but you most certainly did not.

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  4. The way they reacted was so unprofessional but also incredibly uncaring – something you need to be in that line of work. Their comment about him not looking homeless is appauling, what ill fate would he have recieved if he had been homeless?! Terrible! Luckily there are good people such as yourself to stop and help in times of need, you are a good person.

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