Ri-flection ~ No Judgement Zone

Why are people so judgmental, (me including) especially with ourselves?

I mean, how would we treat a child? I hope with a lot of patience and love.

But we aren’t children anymore. I know that.

We have to achieve things. We have to be good in everything we do. We have to be better, have to do more, preferably better than anyone else (on this planet). Besides looking damn good (preferably, better than anyone else) while we become better.

Every time we are thinking about being good and being better, we’re saing to ourselves subconsciously: “You are not good enough and you have to become a better one.”

So you judge. But, you are neither good nor bad. You are you.
You make an individual experience and then become anything (until you die). That’s the truth.

The point of being something, is the desire of being special and escape the fear of being a nobody. Starting with comparison, ending with judgments and separation from others.

But what makes life so precious? I would say the people do.
Why aren’t we just kind to each other? Without judging and comparing.

The point is, you have to be kind to yourself first. Because the relationship to yourself makes the tone of every relationship you will have.

Keep that in mind. We are all fucking awesome.
We are all special (and than we die. Just saying).
Use your time meaningfully. Being kind is beautiful.

Starting by yourself.
Ending with others.

Riana Madonna

Cover picture: Soulprint Fotodesign

10 thoughts on “Ri-flection ~ No Judgement Zone

  1. Nice article… people can be judgemental a lot of times, cause of the way they were raised or their surroundings. That’s why studies says that it’s best to pick out our friends… we all need positivity around us even though we see the contrary sometimes. Love your article very true .

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  2. Hi Adriana,
    You raised very interesting points there. It’s true that we tend to compare and judge a lot, and not always in a good way.
    Also, I believe, that there are very thin lines, between admiring someone, and criticizing oneself for not being as good as the person we admire. We are often told that we should be better versions of ourselves, that we should aim for better, more (and I think it’s overall positive to set goals, and try to improve oneself), but again, there is a thin line, between trying to be a better person, and trying to be the best person, and wanting others to think that we are the best.
    When setting goals, we should keep in mind that we are who we are, and we exist for ourselves, and not to be compared (by ourselves or others) to the 7 billions of human beings living on this Earth!
    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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