Ri-flection ~ Focus right – Never let yourself out

After letting a lot of things and persons go, I had to arrange a lot of things new. New work. New people. New surroundings. New thinking.

I am still in reorganization. It’s hard to admit to yourself how wrong you were about some people and things. But the first steps are to recognize them than to accept them. It’s not like you are done or something like that. It’s more like a never ending work in process, for a long time, until you die.

How do this thoughts sound? A never ending process. Hard Work. And than we die? That’s a really bad focus for good flowing energy. Right? Right.

At last I had just one option left. I had to change my focus because it was the absolute wrong direction till than. Thinking that I should invest a lot of time in my personal process and then at the end we all die, made me think that it all was meaningless. I had no drive to work on it. My focus was the senselessness of life. Until I realized that was the wrong way of thinking. Doing something for yourself and to love yourself is never meaningless. When your cup is full you have so much to give. If you give something to others it will stay, because they will also pass on something to others. At the same time you attract what you carry in you and your experiences will change.

To change my focus I thought to make a whole list, with all the things that really matter to me. I thought to write down all whats really important for me and I wanted to start writing. I really wanted to. But then I began to laugh. It was so ridiculous. A whole list?

No list.

Just a few things I had to remember.

  1. Emotional/Physical Health
  2. Family (important people)
  3. Freedom to do what I love (and work for it)

That’s all. (For me.)

Focus on the right things.

The rest will work out by itself.

Riana Madonna

Cover picture: Soulprint Fotodesign

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