Since 2013, I wanted to travel to the islands of Thailand, but my studies and work kept me busy during that time.
Finally, in September 2015 I had the time and a friend to go for it.

Thailand was my first destination in another continent. I have to admit, that we didn’t plan many things ahead. All we did was to buy us the most necessary things like a backpack, a sleeping bag for colder destinations, a waterproofed bag and something against mosquitoes.
We found on a very short term a cheap flight where we were 24 hours on the road and it was very exhausting for me. Since then I spend more money for my flights. I would also advise you to buy the little bit more expensive flights.

I want to try to summarize briefly our journey and a few insights of our destinations.


We had the luck, that on our arrival in Bangkok we could sleep in a friends house and didn’t need to book something beforehand. There we stayed four days. During our stay, we searched for an accommodation for our next destination in Krabi on the internet. You have at almost all cafes or restaurants access to wifi.

Tips for activities:
–  famous street: Khao San road
– Rambuttri Village
– Party streets: Chakkra Phong road, Phra Nakorn  
– Wat Pho
– Grand Palast

For me Bangkok was too stressful. There were tons of people on the street and in the malls to all imaginable daytime. The smell of exhaust and death animals, which been sold directly on the road, made me feel sick. There are often big markets but I didn’t really like it there, because living animals were sold there. Nevertheless, the food and the temple were very beautiful and it was nice to visit them.

Krabi –  Rai Leh Beach

We booked our flight from Bangkok to Krabi in advance, so we could travel the little Islands in the south of Thailand. We stayed for one night and searched again for an accommodation for our next destination. With a transfer boat, we got to the Rai Leh Beach, a peninsula of the province of Krabi.

Once we arrived, the first thing we made was to go to the beach. For the first time I felt like I arrived. The beach was amazing and there were many little cute monkeys. We stayed in a little tree house in the midst of plants. I really enjoyed our stay there.

There was a restaurant with a bar not far from our lodging and in the evening, you could go there to make party. We went there one night and drank some drinks, it turned out as a bad idea for me. The drinks there were much harder than in my country and after one drink, I got very fast intoxicated. What I want to say is, be careful.

Koh Phi Phi

We sadly stayed just for two days at the Rai Leh Beach, but we only had 28 days and we wanted to visit many more Islands. Our next one was Koh Phi Phi, a little Island not far from us. We took again a boat with some other travelers and went to the little island. The beach was of course amazing again and the island is so little, you can walk around it in just a few hours.

Unfortunately, I got very sick during my stay on Koh Phi Phi and I had to go to the hospital. I was lucky because even if Koh Phi Phi is very small, they have a good emergency medical care. I remained there for one night and the days after I slept a lot so I can’t tell much about the Island. What I can say is that the emergency medical treatment is very good there.  

Tips for activities:
– Monkey Beach
– Maya Bay Beach (very famous)
– Bamboo Island
– Maiton

We bought tickets for the transfer to our next destination at a travel agency. The tickets included the boat and the bus transfer.

Khao Sok

First, I want to say that Khao Sok wasn’t one of my favorite stops, but it was still worth the experience. I’m more the beach type, and Khao Sok was in the midst of a jungle. However, the good news where that there are many beautiful waterfalls.

We stayed in a cute Bungalow and I really liked it. The only strange thing was that at night we heard noises like animals scratch at our lower site from our Bungalow.

Tips for activities:
– National Park tour waterfalls (not that spectacular)
– Wing Hin Waterfall
– Mae Yai Waterfall

This time we bought our tickets for our transfer directly at our hotel. The Bus brought us to the port and from there we took a boat to Koh Samui. With the taxi, we reached our hotel.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui was our first somewhat bigger Island. That’s why we decided to rent a motorbike. Unfortunately, we hadn’t luck with the weather and we had some rainy days but nevertheless we tried to do something.

Tips for activities:
– Big Buddha ( Wat Phra Yai)
– Fisherman’s Market
– Chaweng Beach
– View Point Khao Pom

kho samui
Fisherman’s Market

Just a quick tip: The gasoline that they sell at the streets aren’t the same as you can buy at the gas stations. They mix them up with something else and as we drove, the gas didn’t last as long as the gasoline we fulled at the gas station.

Again, we bought our tickets for our transfer bus in our hotel, and our ferry tickets we bought at the port.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan was just a quick layover for us, so we could go to the half-moon festival. Therefor we stayed just for two days.

There were many cute, little shops were we could buy some stuff to prepare us for the party. I bought some bright body colors and fake flowers for my hair.

Koh Phangan isn’t big but nevertheless we took a mode of transport to go to the half-moon party, because our accommodation was a bit too far to go by foot. The music style was electronic and techno, which is not my usually genre of music but I still liked it.
The party is directly on the beach and the atmosphere is amazing, we stayed there almost until 6 am because we had to get the mood of transportation back to our hotel. Maybe we would have stayed longer.

Unfortunately, we didn’t had the time to go the full-moon party. It’s the bigger version of the half-moon party.

Koh tao

My dream Island. Our Bungalow was near the beach, so we could jump into the water every morning. I felt so much peace on that island and I can’t even explain why.

kho tao

Tips for activities:
– Sail Rock
– My favorite diving tour: Ocean Sound Dive & Yoga 
– West Coast View Point


Even if our stay in Thailand was in September, we were very lucky with the weather. There were just a few moments of rain shower. The most days there were sunny and especially during our stay on the Island Koh Tao the temperature raised. That’s why I got a sunburn as we did our fist boat trip there.

I wish we planned to stay more days because I really fell in love with Koh tao, but we had to leave because our return flight was from Bangkok.


Thailand was the first farther journey I made and I’m very happy that I chose it as my destination.

It’s easy to travel through Thailand. There are travel agencies everywhere and opportunities how to get from one place to another. Everything is in comparison to my country a lot cheaper and the Thais are very polite and friendly. We always found an accommodation where we could stay and in every hotel or restaurant we had Wifi. Every Island had its own flair and beauty. Unfortunately, the tourism destroy a lot of that.

I started my journey at a time in my life where I felt very shitty. Every place we went helped me out to reflect things better and let things go. I learnt so much during and after this journey about my limits and myself. I got very sick during my journey, but nevertheless I continued and I recognized that there is much more power inside of me than I thought. This journey taught me a lot and gave me the courage to go for things I love to do.


Adriana Madonna

23 thoughts on “Thailand

    1. Dankeschön ❤ das freut mich sehr 🙂 das wird wunderschön, und ich kann aus Erfahrung sagen, dass du nicht mehr weg willst, die schönste Insel war Kho Tao 🙂
      wenn du die Möglichkeit hast hin zu gehen, dann musst du da hin!!
      Liebe Grüße zurück.


  1. Sehr schöne Bilder! Warst du alleine unterwegs? Die schönsten Bilder kommen aber immer noch für mich gegen Ende des Videos 😉
    Liebe Grüße und weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deiner Seite, ist wirklich toll schon jetzt!
    Dein 0-8-15-Typ


  2. I’ve heard lot about Thailand from my friends, but never get a chance to visit this place. But I love to explore it sometime. It is already in my travel bucket list. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. It looks like an amazing place, I love new places with amazing food and it looks like you enjoyed all that on your trip.


  4. Thailand is also a favourite destination for me as I have been a few times now, to various locations. The country has so much natural beauty to offer and the Thai people are very friendly. I agree that the best of Thailand definitely is outside of Bangkok and it is great to see how well you got around to see a lot of beautiful places during your trip. Really sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital but it was at least good to know that they looked after you well. Great write up and I just love the photos you have shared – really lovely.


  5. Wow… why didn’t I realize how tropical it is there? I mean, I knew it was in a warmer climate than where I am but I guess Thailand doesn’t really get a lot of media coverage so I had no idea there were beaches like that. LOVE it.


  6. Bucket listed already. Good destination with rich culture, good food, amazing people and awesome sites to behold. Hopefully someday. I will be there.


  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is really a beautiful place and If I ever visit there, this blog is really useful for me.


  8. I’ve always wanted to go! I absolutely would love the culinary experience, Thai food is to DIE for and I bet is even better when it’s authentic.


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